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New SantaFe 2016 - English Review

Now I will write the review of New SantaFe 2016 in English. With this review, I hope all of you that can’t speak and write in Indonesian language can understand what I write here. Because I know that this Hyundai is not just an Indonesian market, but it also a global market.
Let us talk about variant; New SantaFe has two models, namely gasoline A/T 2400 cc and 2200 cc diesel CRDi A/T. The famous one is a diesel version. Although a capacity of 2,199 ccs 4-cylinder, the diesel one is equipped with a turbocharger. Because of Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT), New SantaFe CRDi able to produce 197 hp and maximum torque of 445 Nm. Combined with 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift selection, the driver will feel the power delivery smoothly to the front wheels. The handling is also fairly easy and fun.

1)      Exterior
The exterior design of New SantaFe called as Fluidic Sculpture. It has a futuristic line with nature concept, as seen on a front grille and xenon headlights with projector. The new bumper design makes right-left fog lamp looks like fused by a thin black line in the middle. New SantaFe 2016 has a cornering light which will light the car left or right side depends on direction the front wheel move. And then, in front bumper there is 4 points parking sensors that can be turned off manually. The front Hexagonal grille now has a chrome bar design with three-dimensional effect. It is different with one of the rivals that their design is over chrome. The inside layout of headlamp is also rearranged. It has HID headlights, LED DRL and cornering light.

New SantaFe 2016 - Bali

From side view, New SantaFe has a 19” wheels with 235/55 tires size, similar to Mazda CX-5 GT. It uses tires from Korea too, named Nexen. If you see the roof, you can find roof rails and a panoramic sunroof. This has become one of the hallmarks of New SantaFe than rivals. The rival only has a regular sunroof. What is the difference between panoramic sunroof and regular sunroof? If the regular sunroof, you can only open the roof top with a width of about 90x30cm which allows outside air entry. While panoramic sunroof lets you see the sky with a glass roof that can be set to open and , so that more can enjoy the view.
New SantaFe 2016 - Bali

New SantaFe 2016 - Bali

2)      Interior
The Fluidic sculpture from Hyundai also greets us when we open its doors. Finally we can find the expensive and best materials that make up its dashboard and door trim. Everything is soft touch, feels like expensive cars (and indeed Hyundai SantaFe is expensive).

New SantaFe 2016 - Bali

Do not think that the quality materials only in the front row. The middle row get same quality doortrim. There is still a heck of plastic materials, but placed in a sector that is seldom accessed by us. Sit down in the driver's seat is now more comfortable, because the seat can electrically adjustable.

The buttons on the steering wheel can adjust the audio, cruise control and MID. What's new in this SantaFe is driving mode selector to choose between Eco and Sport mode. Air Conditioner is already dual zone climate control with digital display, of course.

New SantaFe 2016 - Bali

3)      Engine
Talk about engine, when we open the engine sector, we can find that it uses hydraulic. Not like the rivals that uses a manual concept. So we can conclude that SantaFe 2016 looks expensive than others. Here we can find a powerful CRDi diesel engine with 2200cc and 4 cylinders with Variable Geometry Turbo or VGT.
New SantaFe 2016 - Bali

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